Q1 2019

Our whole team at work was fortunate enough to attend #BrightonSEO – not a bad event and quite popular. Highlight was a talk on search engines JavaScript rendering budget vs the old crawl budget. Was hoping for a better insight into Googles custom version of chrome it uses to crawl. Emphasis on speed as important as ever. Was good to reinforce my previously held views about how much more expensive it is for search engines to render JS.

Back to my home life – looking forwards to spending more time outdoors now the weather is improving. However, Im enjoying my current position as armchair sports fan. Spent some time on the water this Easter break with my small boat. However due to some poor maintenance my outboard decided to jump ship – literally. Bad way to end an otherwise great extended weekend.

Still plodding away at Laravel , Im onto advanced eloquent and trying to keep the number of DB queries down for an heavy ecommerce website Im writing. Its a clone of an existing site , which has a pretty funky search. So I’m in at the deep end in terms of eloquent relationships.

My main laravel dev environment has switched away from Homestead VM into Valet for Linux – mainly due to performance and laptop battery concerns.

just about sorted for xmas

Getting sports tickets for xmas presents takes a lot of planning and waiting on the phone. Demand was high. Hopefully it will be worth it.  Paper tickets are not sent anymore, so last job is to get some replicas.

Related I sent some love overseas with lots of swaps

On a technical note – php5 being discontinued is causing me grief.  Not found an easy solution for legacy sites using mdb2 and other old pear libs.  

Challenges of keeping composer and node packages working correctly after upgrades was this weeks fun and games.

Still spending far to much time with wordpress, but some laravel based sites coming along.

News In Brief

  • Enjoying the summer sun! My grass isn’t.  I’d love an automatic watering system – but far to lazy to build anything like that! (Granddad did). Have been gifted a herb planter so at least I have partially green fingers.  No BBQ event as yet – hoping thats something that will change.
  • New Car – VW Golf. Meaning I can go back to vw festivals and look jealously at buses thinking what my old T25 is up to.
  • Tried Kodi again – still didn’t get on with it.  It is great , but kept segfaulting. (Its was run on a diskless NUC using NFS share for / ).
  • Carrying on my learning journey I’ve been following a few tutorials on using Laravel with React JS.  Seems pretty neat – looking forward to building a bit more serious than a gallery and/or something for work.



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Spent some time in the Lake District , great views!  However, the place I stayed was like a faraday cage.

Tech news update – Continuing to plug away at learning Laravel. First real sites will be up soon hopefully! In as much as I like the framework itself, its some of the integrations with services that I’ve never got round to looking at is one of the real benefits for me personally.

Start Of Autumn Update

After spending the summer months learning Shopware my brain is ready for another assault.

The awesome Doctrine will be used in a future project!

My long serving text editor (gedit) could well be replaced with something else. Tried Atom , Brackets and PhpStorm. All overkill and dont work with gnome remote mounts very well.

Lastly. Https added by.certbot. hopefully cron will renew it without any grief. Http2 next job

Total totti

Snr Totti has been around for so long and this weekend he helped I Lupi (Roma) embarrass Joe Heart making a debut for his new club Torino. Insert relevant emoji here. Irony is, Man Citys new keeper Bravo didn’t exactly do a stella job.

Screenshot from 2016-06-27 16-41-54

Screenshot from 2016-06-27 16-42-41

Always a tough choice when starting Championship Manager 2001/2002 as to which team to manage. AC Milan (Maldini, Shevchenko, Pippo) OR Roma (Totti, Walter Samuel and Batigoal). Usually the influence of Maldini wins it.

Maldini Italia 90 Sticker