• Enjoying the summer sun! My grass isn’t.  I’d love an automatic watering system – but far to lazy to build anything like that! (Granddad did). Have been gifted a herb planter so at least I have partially green fingers.  No BBQ event as yet – hoping thats something that will change.
  • New Car – VW Golf. Meaning I can go back to vw festivals and look jealously at buses thinking what my old T25 is up to.
  • Tried Kodi again – still didn’t get on with it.  It is great , but kept segfaulting. (Its was run on a diskless NUC using NFS share for / ).
  • Carrying on my learning journey I’ve been following a few tutorials on using Laravel with React JS.  Seems pretty neat – looking forward to building a bit more serious than a gallery and/or something for work.



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