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I’m talking it back to the old school
‘Cause I’m an old fool who’s so cool

Yisss, quake 2 is possibly the greatest game ever*. The early quake series , were so far ahead of their time – many of its algorithms are still used today. With most of the current games using something from quake. There was a far better experience on dial up than than the grief you have with todays video games – how long does the matchmaking take on call of duty!

If someone had an ISDN connection they was the digital equivalent of a Rolls Royce.

Screenshot from 2016-04-22 16-29-13

Yamagi Quake 2 – basically q2 with some updates and bugfixes. Additional texture pack added.

Next up – quake2world / quetoo

* Championship Manager 2001/2002 is the greatest game ever.

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